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1 in 6 children in Australia live in poverty.

1 in 4 children in Australia are overweight or obese

5% of Australian children eat the right amount of fresh fruit & veggies daily.  

Which means we are all getting it wrong.

Food Workshop offers delicious, nutritious school lunches. We create a new lunch daily & deliver to schools in Melbourne.  We will also donate lunches to Australian children in need.

We have a mission to provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged members of society (long term unemployed, refugees, people rehabilitating).

Our site will shortly allow you to register, select a school and days for delivery.  It will replace lunch orders, cash in creating a website where you can register, select your school & class and be assured that your child will receive a delicious lunch.

We know that you will love our lunches, we know children will benefit.

You can buy lunch & make a difference.

We are working on something awesome

Our new site is coming, and we're certain you will love it